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Zoom2! chair side tooth whitening

This procedure makes teeth whiter and, therefore, more attractive.


We use Zoom2!, in the office and offer passive tray whitening for you to use at home.

Zoom2! is a safe, effective and fast whitening procedure.  The clinician applies the whitening gel that is then activated by a special light. A fluoride treatment completes the procedure. Most patients see an immediate improvement. Over the next few days, the color stablizes. We recommend the patient uses trays with gel afterward for maximum whitening and maintenance.

With the tray method, the patient wears custom vinyl trays at night or twice a day for 30 minutes for approximately 2 weeks. The trays are filled with a carbamide peroxide or a hydrogen peroxide gel, which comes in different strengths. (The higher the strength, the greater the likelihood of reactions or tooth sensitivity.) Sometimes we recommend this method for: mildly stained tetracycline teeth. The patient may need to continue the process for several months to see significant color improvement.


For maintenance of whitened teeth, the patient should use the trays for one week every several months.


Trays and Zoom2! have the same results, but the tray method is about half the cost of Zoom2!, and the tray method usually causes less post-treatment sensitivity. However, the tray method takes much longer for results.


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